ribua hatefiros

Someone wrote that there's no need to be machmir by ribua hatefiros, particularly Sephardim and this doesn't require any tikun and can be worn with a bracha as is. So he's claiming that there's no need for the corners to be 90 degrees/square. This is news to me. I've no doubt that Rav Friedlander would have paseled this.
Someone else suggested fixing it without opening the bayis even though it's sealed with glue. On top of the issue with correcting the ribua once sealed, if one would fix without opening it, the hole needs to be extended and the charitz widened without tearing the gid and that would leave a considerable gap between the corner tefiros. If opened, the hole can be widened then the original side filled.

Spit damage on sefer torah. How would this be fixed? The answer may be simpler than you think. Feel free to post your thoughts...


Sheila nun vav

What are your thoughts? 

Your thoughts

There's some discussion among experts about this. The assumption is that it's not connected.

Duk computer program- can be set to only check for textual errors

As some of us are aware, the primary issue with this (and a few other) computer programs is that they aren't limited to identifying textual errors. Hence, there's many results to review and while the program is about perfect in finding errors, it may place them in the wrong category. This makes review of the results more difficult. Is there a way to limit the Duk program to identifying textual errors only?

Issue with these Batim?


Sefer Torah Reinking and interesting Tzurah

My yeshiva asked me to reink some letters in a Sefer Torah that they have.
It is a very old Sefer and I am unsure how old is it...

Does anyone know where this Sefer might be from? I am not an expert in Ashkenazic Sefrei Torah

Also, this Mem Sofit has an interesting tzurah. Any thoughts?

Tiyug lishma

Is it necessary or just a nice thing for a metayeg to do?

What about tiyug of Shaimos?

Yerios Shlomo chelek 4 page 362 says it's a good thing to do.

Many times when making tagin, the metayeg doesn't stop at the edge of the letter but continues into the head. On a Shatnez getz letter, if this is done with all 3 tagin, a good part, if not the majority of the head, can be covered by this ink. If the metayeg doesn't do it lishma is there an issue?
I've just started to look into this but I've heard from one posek that as long as if the part of the letter he's covered weren't there it'd still have a tzuras ois we could be maikil. (And even if not, one could be maavir kulmus lishma). I was told by a good metayeg that a posek told him that since the letter was already complete and mekudash and his ink isn't adding or detracting then it's fine.

Has anyone seen or heard from the poskim on this matter?

zayin is complicated letter

head of zayin should be square ,regel shal not be long

דיוחנן - kosher rapidograph ink.... Experiences or comments pls

I recently tried this kosher ink for my rapidograph and I am extremely pleased with it. It does not clog the nib like other kosher rapidograph inks, and it's very dark and strong. It's at least as good as the Rotring commercial grade rapidograph inks (of course these can only be used with batch numbers that have been lab tested and  approved kosher),  and in addition you do not need to add a drop of regular Sta"m ink (as per the instruction of the Shevet Halevi, which is messy and time consuming). 
I was wondering if anyone else had an opinion or comments with regards to their experience with this ink...

סמ"ך - שינוי צורה

אני חושב שהס' הזו פסולה משום שינוי צורה, היא יותר מדי מרובעת בגופה

Thoughts on the Ktav?

I write Eshet Chayils (paper and quill) to practice my Ktav most of the time.
Thoughts? (Everyone's input will be appreciated very much!)

Concerning the shmira of shem Shakai and the shmira of shem Havaya of the mezuzah.


There are several passages in Zohar Hakadosh ואתחנן that are first makor for writing the shem Shakai on the outside of the mezuzah. In chelek gimel 266 A, it states: “when bad things (sheidim) draw close to a persons door, they lift up their head (since they are compared to a snake they have to “lift up their heads” to see it. -Ramaz) and see the holy name on the outside, that is Shakai, as it is crowned, and rules over all of them, they become fearful and run away. R’ Yitzchak asks, if so, why do you need the whole parsha, just have the name?! In answer, it is specifically when the name is “crowned” by the parsha(s) it is as a king who comes out flanked by his entire army... it is then when they fear him. Come and see that the name והיה is spelled from bottom up (the tziruf is not the order of Shem Havaya) so Shakai is on the outside corresponding to this name, והיה is on the inside while Shakai is on the outside. Thus a person is guarded from all sides, inside and out.”

The Chida…

Letter YOD - Kotz Elyon

Great food for thought and a must watch!  In accordance with the Kabbalah of the Arizal only the Kotz Elyon of the letter YOD is to be inscribed, and NOT the KOTZ of Rabbenu Tam.

Is this a problem?

The stitching is loose, some of them are not in the charitz or completly touching the bayis. Yet the bayis is hermetically sealed. It seems obvious that the bayis is therefore being held closed by the glue and not the stitching.....thoughts?

Margins of a מגילה אסתר

I know of the halacha that a מגילה אסתר is similar to the halachot of a Sefer Torah, but i noticed that my brother's megillah's top and bottom margins are two cm on top and 3 cm on bottom.

1) What is the halacha Lemaasah? 3 and 4 or 2 and 3 for the top and bottom margins?
2) Is there any hiddur with the 2 and 3 mesurement?



Looking for a template for a Torah contract (not a ready to go sefer)

Does anyone have a template of a standard Torah contract?

Schedule/Poskim at Bais Horaah Ahavat Shalom in Geula

In addition to those noted who speak English, Rav Zions speaks English as well.

ה' from אלה

I usually fix a ה which has a left regel which extends too far across to to the right. Many poskim hold that anything past the half way mark (such as the above picture) is not lechatchillah.

I once discussed this with Rav Freidlander who said its kedai to fix, so I do.  Other poskim like Rav Stern don't worry too much about this issue.

I noticed R' Moshe Weiner is exceptionally machmir when bringing down this case in his sefer. In a picture not dissimilar to the one above, he seems to say it is a major problem.

I was wondering how other members of this forum deal with this commonissue...

Rapidograph ink bubbling up at tip

I was doing some Tagim practice with my rapidograph, and I noticed the ink bubbling up at the tip of the pen a couple minutes as I am using it.

Does anyone else have this problem at all?

I use Dyo Lanezach Ink for the rapidograph, and here is a picture of the pen.

Could it be the heat from my hand which causes the ink to flow faster and form a bubble?

Whats the Debate

Tinok Or Posul -that would be the debate if it were a used parsha.
It is unbelievable that although every single sefer on stam quotes  the braisa "be careful not to make zayins like nuns" We still have higher quality sofrim ignoring this warning. Since this is a new set I would not debate if a tinok will help or not I think the debate is if this sofer should be writing before he reviews the halachos again

schedule of the Bais Horaah of Stam of Ahavas Shalom (Yerushalayim)

Does anyone have the schedule?

ד' הפוכה

THIS is the case of the ברוך שאמר.

No need for "Sofer's Lomdus" to see that it is no longer a ז.

To any normal person - including a child - it does NOT look like a ז.

"ברוך שאמר: "...פסול לכו"ע, אחרי שאין שמה עליה

"שלחן ערוך: "...הפסיד צורת האות לגמרי

Pls note: Questioning a letter's shape that's not perfect, with just a "Sofer's Lomdus", is probably compatible to the reading of a תינוק טיפש.

- שאם טיפש אינו יודע לקרות אלא אות שלימה.
(:רש"י מנחות כט)

Which "L'halocho" can NOT make it פסול.

Here is the same above picture, before erasing the leg of extra Vov.

Thoughts on the vav of ובכל

When you look at it at first glance it presents as a vav.

When you look at it closely (see enlarged image) there is probably enough coming out on the top right to be kosher as a zayin.

Shailos tinok, kosher or possul?