another common problem in yudim

Here are examples of another common problem in yudim, found in cheap mzuzos and parshiyos, but it may occur in expensive ones by mistake.
The yudim don’t have a clear division between their guf (the rosh) and the regel, actualy turning them into a yud that doesn’t have a regel, which is pasul.
In extreme situations where there is definitly no diference between the rosh and regel, it is pasul and impossible to fix because shlo c'sidran, in situations where we can see some slight diference one should ask a rav if it can be fixed.
This may occur also in good mezuzos/tefilin – an example

Look carefuly at this yud, it is one piece only, plus a kotz rabenu tam, there isn't a distinction between the rosh and regel.


  1. thank you for posting.
    (whats up with missing "tagin"?)

  2. Heshy thanks.
    please explain: (whats up with missing "tagin"?)
    I didnt get it

  3. in the mezuza on the left there are "tagin" missing.

  4. believe me that mezuza was pasul, far before the problem of the tagim.
    Maybe it was written by an old Yemeni/buchari/persian sofer (i am melamed zechus that it was written by a kosher sofer)in these areas they didnt do all the tagin, except 7 specific letters שעטנז גץ alone in the mezuza, the ץ as you see here has tagin, and the words
    שמע, טטפת, דגנך, מזוזת, I forgot offhand which word had the tagim of nun
    they didnt do kotz rabenu tam either. but as i said the mezuza was in a bad shape with its tzuras haoisois


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