Hagah during Chol Hamoed?


I understand that in general there is an allowance to check a Mezuzah that was already given to check before the chag (and fix even Maseh Uman) if it is needed for the Chag, for this is considered Daver Haaved and Daver Mitzvah (see Shmiras Shabbas Kehilchasa 67:38). I would like to clarify if this can work even if it is a doubt that the recipient will receive their Mezuzahs during the Chag. On the other hand, if they will be checked only after the Chag they will have to wait even longer for them to place up their Mezuza(s).
I would appreciate your comments.


  1. I have twice done a siyum sefer torah on chol hamoed, in both cases i consulted with rav gavriel tzinner (nitei gavriel) and rabbi farkash (chol hamoed kehilchoso) who allowed it on the grounds that it is not maase umman since the outline of the letters are already there and a siyum sefer is designed for a layman to simply fill in letters.

    In terms of hagoha: I never did it, The first year I was here the late Rabbi Groner Z'L of Melbourne told me its ossur and he cited a mishna ( Cant remember where) so I never questioned him nor did I bother seeking a heter elswhere.

  2. mishnah "moed katan" perek 3, 7: it is forbidden to write seforim, tefillin, and mezuzos "v'ein magi'in ois achas afilu besefer ho'azarah"

  3. Correct Heshy. However I know there are hetairim ie I know sofrim who write chol hamoed because they "need the money for Yom Tov". I'm not sure what the din is I'm sure in Israel it is much more of an issue.

  4. From the halacha (shulchan aruch 545:3) in regard tefilin we can learn the same to mezuza - that if it is clear that the person will put up this mezuza only after yom tov, it is forbidden, although the delay will leave him a day or two without mezuzos (unless it is davar haaved - FE the guy is leaving immedietly after the chag and wont take the mezuza, or the sofer needs the cash for yom tov)
    if the person will put up the mezuza during yom tov it is permitted.
    it seems from the acharonim there that any doubt - is accepted l'heiter, since it is a dvar mitzva.
    I dont have the books shmiras shabas or chol hamoed kehilchoso available to see, but the above seems pashut.

  5. Do not get me wrong I have never done any writing or Hagah during Chol Hamoed, however from Halachick literature it does seem more lenient than is the minhag Bepoal (at least in the diaspora). See Chol Hamoed Kihilchaso (Rabbi Farkash) in Hosafas Vitikunim to page 204 (p. 444 to the sefer) where it is LeTzorach Hamoed it is allowed and even to the question that I earlier posed.
    This has nothing to do with "need the money for Yom Tov".
    Concerning the Mishna, Vein Magiin ois achas afilu... is talking about when it is not Letzorech hamoed (as the commentaries explain),however the question I posed was when it is Letzorech hamoed.

  6. if the mezuza will only be placed after the moed, how is this "Letzorech hamoed"?

  7. The Letzorech Hamoed I was referring to is in the case that it will be put up for the moed or in a doubt case which you said that the achronim are lheiter.


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