ink for rapidograph

I would like to inform all who use Rapidograhs that there is ink with hechsher available that works great. It is very black, rarely spreads on the klaf, flows well, and does not clog the pen. See . It is made by Zvi Shkedi (the inventor of Dio Lanetzach) and is endorsed by Vaad Mishmereth STa"M. You may email him to find out where you can get it.


  1. It looks that this ink is 100% waterproof, according to the Rambam, it seems that it is best that the dio can dissolve in water. The S A Harav and MB quote this opinion lechatchila. Is it enough that the dio is erasable by scratching even though not waterproof according to this opinion?

  2. l'maase nobody today makes ink according to the rambam that can desolve in water, so even le'chatchila nobody is concerned.


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