narrow kaf

the kaf of ki is very narrow,in my opinion even a shalas tinok would not help since it is halachacly a nun.


  1. I would be afraid to pasel this caf so fast. The csav is quite narrow in general, and the gag is wider than the moshav something that takes it far from a nun.
    If I would be asked, I would say shaylas tinok, and (assuming he would read correct) then fix by adding a bit to the moshav.
    But אין לדיין אלא מה שעיניו רואות perhaps in real vision it looks worse?

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  3. it's hard to see in the scan but the aleph in שאלך is nearly kav mashuch too....

  4. Also is the lamed touching the kaf??

  5. Ari great!!
    That is the alef I quoted Sheivet Halevi [in our debate kav mashuch - lamed], an opinion that is machshir such a alef, can not be disregarded.

  6. absolutely...machshir this now - but if it was just a little thicker and less of a diamond i reckon it would be pasul for all deos

  7. these parshios are the kind I generally do not like to check since the work of the baal magia here is "find the psul" I referred the owner to his rabbi who will hopefully convince him to purchase a new set(the batim pshutim were very warped and the retzyuos were torn as well).I will post a seperate question on the blog of how to deal with these situations please share your thoughts


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