large Vav on a small mezuzah

In the word Uvichal, the ו is long. It also starts a little lower than it should be which makes it trickier. Is the ו around 4 kolmosim long?

The mezuza is only 7 centimeters long.


  1. Instinctively I would say shailat tinok at most as a) the vav does start a bit low as you said, b) compared with this ksav it doesn't look much longer than his other vavim and compared with his אותיות פשוטות (kaf really but this is assuming his nunim are similar length) there is a great difference in length.

    Keen to hear R' Moshe's thoughts?

  2. Since it is on the boundry between vav and nun, this means to my sight it is not definitly a nun, it looks more like a vav, it would be a shaylas tinok.
    And since it is obvious that a tinok will read it vav - it is kosher.
    Dovid, this is according to my sight. If your sight agrees with the above you can machshir, if you dont agree (that means the mezuza before your eyes, the letter seems to look more a nun than a vav) - ask a tinok.

  3. it is important to note the difference between vov and zein.mishna brura in letter zein writes not to make regel longer than 2 kulmusim,however in letter vov he writes not to make it "aruch miday".
    when viewing old ktavim i always found "very"long vavs,i met with rav samson from london who pointed out the alpha baisawho explains why vavin should be written long.see page 264 in the new print


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