late night shailos for reb moshe

1. daled from yodcho. I'm reasonably confident its possul even before shailos tinok.

UPDATE :  MUCH TO MY AMAZEMENT, TINUK READ IT CORRECTLY, AS DALED! (Could the fact that the other zayins I showed him had tagin influenced his decision? should I have covered the tagin?)

 Ayin from tishmeu and  mem stuma from nafshechem


  1. why are you sure the dalet is pasul - at least ask a tinok!
    the others also arent pasul

  2. look at the zayins and look at the other dalds. lechorah that daled is a kosher zayin, hence I felt it unnecessary to ask a tinuk. however if you say I should then I will. Cl;ick on the picture you will see clearer.

    The other shailos from that mezuzah I thought most likely are kosher, however felt safer asking. so I can fix them then?

  3. look at the deled from efdeh , for example, and then look at our shaila

  4. true the gag of the dalet may be only slightly longer than the zayin, but its foot is well placed on the right side. ask a tinok.
    the others fix.

  5. re the ayin, how vertical can it go before it becomes a shinoi tzura

  6. this ayin is well slanted the problem is the chibur of the zayin is a bit low, but its still alright

  7. BTW in the second picture נפשכם the nuns head is much wider than the moshav.
    In cheap parshios/mezuzos dont make a fuss, but in mehudar parshiyos this is a shayla. See mikdash me'at nun:5, Biur Hasofer on nun בד"ה מושבה התתחון

  8. the dalet is bad let us know what the tinok said

  9. I dont think the tagin changed anything in this particular shayla, because the dalet has a nice koitz and tag, resembling the zayin.
    Anyway a tinok doesnt recognize tagim, unless he is a tinok chacham.

  10. all comes to show that we cannot be smarter then chazal,i was wondering about the heh on that same word it looks to me like it was fixed with a rapidograph and might be a ponim chadashot.


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