Looking for Ashkenazi sofer stam in israel to write sefer torah

Hi and thank you for this wonderful blog

my name is rabbi david barzev, I am a rabbi, sofer and shochet from queens NY.

I am affiliated with the sephardic community here and I only write and deal with sephardic tradition. I am not that well connected in the Ashkenazic safrut business.

I have a client who is Ashkenaz and is looking to commission a sefer torah but he wants it in the ashkenaz script. he also wants it written by a daati leumi sofer not a haredi since he is not haredi but daati leumi.

does anyone here have a connection with a daati leumi sofer with a nice ketav? budget is up to $45,000 but if it is less it would be appreciated.

Thanks and moadim lesimcha


  1. Hi Rabbi David,

    I am looking through my database of Ashkenazi Sofrim, I have quite a number of "Yeshivish" type sofrim, but when you say "Daati Leumi", how rigid is your definition of "Daati Leumi"? If it is a "yeshivish" sofer is it OK?

  2. I dont know what you mean by yeshivish but customer is ex israeli daati and of ashkenazic tradition so the writing must be ashkenazic(bet yosef)also i dont mean disrespect however some of the haredi scribes do not pay tax and he feels very stronly about that. Also he wants to visit the scribe when he goes to israel later this year so I cannot play games it must be a scribe he is comfortable with.

  3. perhaps somebody that went to the army will do the trick

  4. perhaps somebody that went to the army will do the trick


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