More vuvs in small mezzuzahs

This is another picture of the same Mezuzuza that I posted (Sunday) the second ו in the word uvichol looks even a little bigger than the first one.
I would assume that a tinuk would machshir all of these vuvs (possibly even the second vuv of uvichol) but they all seem to have a length of around 4 kolmosim. What is your thoughts?


  1. I personaly don't like the vav of ובכל, its too long.
    But if you want to be meikal, you have opinions to rely on, if a tinok will read it a vav. (show him first several normal size vavs and nun pshuta, then cover the other letters, and ask)
    If this is the only problem in this mezuza, it would be בכדאי to fix the vav by scraping away some of the length, after a tinok read it. correct.

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