A problematic Lamed

In the ל of Leahava, it has seemingly a double problem. 1) the head is short like a yud
2) the rosh of the lamed is like it is not existent, being that beneath it, there was dio added to it.
The Lishkat Hasofer 5:17 is machshir bidieved (vitzorech Litaken) on each individual case (however when it is missing a rosh it is only fixable beshas hadchak , without making a bracha on it).
My question is, when both of these problems arise on the same Lamed can and should we machshir it?
I will note that this is for a Sefardi.


  1. BTW the first zayin of mezuzos is pasul, the regel is from the right side of the gag.
    In regard to the lamed i think that after a shaalos tinok the mezuza may be fixed, but this should be done only b'shaas hadchak - IE this person is poor and cannot afford another mezuza.

  2. Thank you,

    Good point on the Zayin, (I did not check the entire Mezuza, but the Lamed caught my immediate attention).

  3. If the tinok will not recognize this as a lamed then definitly its pasul, only if he will recognize it as a lamed then B'shhaas Hadchak it may be fixed, since a lamed that its head is a yud is bdieved kosher.


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