A problematic Yud

The י of the word biveisecha, looks like it is a triangle touching a drum stick (excuse me for lack of a better word). The Mishnas Sofrim expains that a י needs to have shiur gufa milo kolmos. Certainly this does not have it before it breaks down. On the other hand the klal, Ain Shiur LOivi osios, perhaps could apply over here.
What is the rule in this case?


  1. as of now the yud is pasul.
    in regard fixing it after a shaylas tinok i guess it is alright, although it definitly is not l'chatchila, only a big bdieved.

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  3. the clal "ain shiur le'ovi haos" doesnt apply here, since accordingly the yud would disapear, only when we have another shiyur like a long gag or regel, that its basic dimension the length is ikar, do we say that the width of the line is unimportant.

  4. Dovid are you sure the mezuza doesn't have someother problem??

  5. The mezuza does not have tagim on the letters bedek chiya. There are a couple of yuds which also are not a full kulmos for a rosh before the regel yamin is formed.


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