Question for R' Moshe

This is one of those things that drive any magiha crazy: I had a lamed, I was fixing to make the tzavar a little thicker. I fixed it in a few movements very quickly. I also quickly added ink to the rosh to make it protrude more. All this was done very quickly with a few brisk strokes. I have a chshash that before I made the rosh thicker ( but after I made the tzavar thicker), I may have had a potential kav moshuch but I was doing it so quickly I never had a moment to stop and think if it was or wasn't. I still don't know for sure, there could have been a bit of the rosh sticking out even before I thickened the rosh but I don't know for sure.

Rav YM Stern in his sefer says that if a sofer makes a tikun and has a bad feeling afterwards that he may have passeled the os momentarily during the tikkun but its only a safek - ie he never really saw it and it's just a worry, we can make a sfek sfaika and say that its ok. The second safek is based on the Smaq who says that if the os was kosher to begin with and then a shimui tzurah occured after the writing, ie during a tikun, it is OK to repair and no problem of lo kesidran, since it was good to begin with. this combined with the fact that there is a safek if there even was a shinui tzorah makes the os kosher in such a case.

Furthermore the whole safek occurred here with adding ink only and not scratching - which would be far worse because chok tochus is midoraisa  and therefore safek d'oraisa lehachmir.

I am seeking your advice if I should just assume its OK based on the above or I should put the parshiyos aside and not use them.

Please advise.


  1. Question: based on our earlier correspondence, the issue of kav mashuch with lamed (and aleph, etc) is quite meikel.

    If this had occurred with, say, the left regel of a tav or another kav mashuch instance that is more machmir, ie safek of another letter, would it still be ok?

  2. I think so, kav mashuch itself is a safek, mikdash me'at and others allow tikun although we don't pasken like that lemaase

  3. It would be the same with any psul, not only kav mashuch


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