shiur parsha

sofer wrote word twice and made holes-I made a copy of the parsha and cut out yuds and vovs ,trying to see if nine small letters fit ,i was wondering if anybody agrees with me that 9 yuds do not fit in or am i kidding myself since there is to much space between the letters i pasted.
I also had a thought that since these are chabad parshios can we be machshir on the basis that the minhag chabad is osios gedolos?


  1. I think its very borderline.
    I have never heard of chabad being meikel about osiyos k'tanos since S.A. Harav says beferush that even nine osiyos katanos are kosher for shiur parsha.

  2. It doesn't seem like 9 otiyot ketanot would fit - even though your copy & paste has spaces between each letter so it's more than 9.

    Even for chabad, as R Eli said 9 ketanot would still be kosher parsha so not help.

    Any problem with making another small hole?

  3. In this case we can calculate the revach by the word ושננתם that is exactly above, 2 yudim of the shin, nun, nun, each 1Y, tav 3Y, one more yud for the revach after the tav = 8Y.
    accordingly 9Y don't fit in.

    In regard to your thought, I also thought your cheshboin is correct according SA Harav and Rambam hilchos ST, that the revach parsha is adopted according to the revach parsha used in this perticular piece. But I am afraid to be meikal - the normal psak is as Eli said to be machmir if there are 9 osios ketanos.

  4. Ari :I do not think that making holes is acceptable lechatchila, see rabbi stern keset 15-19. i also wonder according to the makilim if its acceptable to make holes or only if it happened.

  5. I wouldn't make them lechatchilah if there was definitely no space for 9 otioyot ketanot.

    Since in the case that there is definitely a parsha in the wrong place you can bediavad make a hole to "solve" the problem, my questions was, if it's very borderline (as possibly in this case), would a solution be to make a small hole so that it definitely wouldn't fit 9?


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