Take a look at the ו of Velo, the top of the head is a almost the same size of the yereich (since the Yereich is pretty thick). The bottom of the head sticks out fine. I know there is an importance of Rosh Keonkios (some opinions suffice with Rosh Mashehu), would that apply to the entire head from top to bottom or just the bottom is enough?
Note that the Ksav Chabad is to specifically have a wider bottom of the rosh than the top of the rosh see the second picture. However certainly the top of the rosh should clearly extend past the yeraich.


  1. Thanks for posting this problem - definitly the head also at the top should be wider than the yerech (in regard to bdieved lets leave that issue meanwhile), this occurs a lot, they rely on this kotz sticking out as to say here is the rosh.
    Note this is almost the same problem i gave in regard to the yudim (another coomon problem in yudim, see third picture given there)

  2. Dovid, do you know who the sofer is? I do not recognize this ksav. Perhaps you should tell him. He seems pretty talented.

    BTW, whats the accepted opinion on double sirtut. I personally have no problem with it, but I heard once that Rav Sh. Gross says its not geder "Mehudar", even though I see plenty of very good sofrim using it.

  3. R' Moshe, what is the din Bdieved with the ו?

  4. I would say: fix it, it is difficult to machshir bdieved as it is.

  5. The reason why it is allowed to be fixed and not considered shelo kesidran, is since that it has at least rosh mashehu from the top or that the bottom blita is enough (rosh kionkios)?

  6. I admit i dont have a clear opinion on this vav


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