Tav with a right foot bent

Tav that its right foot is bent inward as the left foot, or outward as picture given, is accepted as pasul because of shinui tzura.
The question; is it so pasul that it can't be fixed in Tefilin and mezuzos, or at least since a tinok would recognize it as a tav it can be fixed by adding ink to widen the foot (so that there isn't a bend, just a slant)?
Minhas Yitzchok vol 6:4 (section 6) in regard to right foot bent outward [as the picture inclosed] that this isn't so much of a shinui, and at least after a shaylas tinok may be corrected in Tfilin and Mezuzos shlo csidran. But Sheivet Halevi vol. 5:8  is more machmir, doubts the opinion above, and is choishesh it can't be fixed because shlo csidran.
From the argument itself I would conclude that this pasul isn't so clear, IE it isn't obvious a shinui tzura otherwise there wouldn’t be an argument; so there is place to be meikal and fix it.
I may add to this that the Mishnat Hasofer p. 91 in Yalkut Hasofer is meikel a bit more – that if the blita (the part that bends outward) of the left foot is wider than the one of the right foot, it is kosher bdieved and may be fixed [it seems that he is posing this as his Rebbe – the Sheivet Halevi's opinion, although in the Sheivet Halevi itself such a distinction isn't mentioned]. (accordingly the tav is only pasul when the blita on right is equal to the left. A svara to advance R. Shtern's stand, may be explained: as long as the left foot with its special tzura is dominant it is eikar, and we look at it as the basic {special} foot of the tav).

All the above is when the right foot has a clear bend indicating an additional piece to the regel [an additional moshav, either inward or outward] IE it would be kosher for the left foot. But if it is only wide at the bottom of the right foot [as in Dovids post yesterday], and such a moshav would not be kosher for the left foot, there is no problem at all to fix it, even by scraping away the additional thickness.


  1. Yesterday I was checking a 7 cm Mezuza where the majority of the ת had a right foot bent. Most of them were clearly smaller than the left side, however there were 2 similar to the picture you posted. I assume in this case it is not worth trying to kosher such a mezuza.

  2. Dovid its up to you, according minhas yitzhak and mishnat hasofer the tav given in picture may be fixed by adding ink. the question is if you feel comfortable working on such a small piece.

  3. the picture is indicating a bent right foot, but lesser than the left foot!


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