These are 2 pictures of the same Mezuza, the י in the second one and the ו in the first picture. R' Moshe what do you say? I added another picture of the vuv of uvishachbicha. This vuv although very similar to the previous one that I posted, it only has the bottom blitta.


  1. Dovid i didn't understand clearly your shayla?
    Is it the vav of ובשכבך and your question about kav mashuch? its seems similair to what we had before, or this is worse i cant realy see correctly from the picture.
    Please also explain which yud you meant, the first that is lacking kotz RT - can be fixed. the second lacking dyo' can be fixed

  2. The problem I have with the Yud of Shem Yud Kei... it does not have a Panim, is this not essential to the ikur tzura?

  3. the yud may be fixed, what its lacking is considered kotz RT, that is permitted to fix.
    thanks for the close up it seems to me that the vav is ok, better to add a bit of ink to define better the rosh.


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