Trouble leaving comments?

I tried leaving a comment to Ari's post and for some reason my comment is not being published even though I am logged in. Any ideas anyone?


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I looked it up and received this suggestion:

    You have a problem with authentication, and with cookie filtering.

    First, make sure that your browser is up to date.

    Next, try a different login procedure.
    1. Login to Blogger using "".
    2. Do not check "Remember me".

    If that does not help, try a second time..
    1. Clear cache, cookies, and sessions (not just cache or cookies) - then restart the browser.
    2. Login to Blogger using "".
    3. Do not check "Remember me".

    Alternatively, stop filtering "third party cookies", in your browser and on your computer. That's the best solution, overall - but you may have to search for the cookie filter(s) that affect your use of Blogger / Google.

    You can have a cookie filter:
    1. In a native browser feature.
    2. In a browser add-on.
    3. In a security feature, on the computer.
    4. In a network device.
    Please, note that any and all cookie filters must be set properly. If you have more than one cookie filter affecting access to Blogger, all filters must be set properly, before an improvement will be seen.

    Try the commenting / cookie test, by commenting on 2 of my blogs, if you like.

    Read, for details:

    Comments Disappear When "Post Comment" Is Hit:

    Use Up To Date Browsers, For Best Results:

    Login To Blogger, Differently:

    Why Third Party Cookies Are A Necessity:

    Test For Cookie Filtering Problem:

    Please, Don't Filter Web Content, Excessively:


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