2 things:

1) For those who think they've seen it all. check out this tzadi from an old sefer Torah brought to me today. they were all like this!

2) A question for reb moshe: I had a pair of tefillin for checking today where the parsha of the vehoya im shemoah of the rosh was different to the rest of the ksav. while i see this often, my first impression was that it looked older than the other parshiyos. I have no way of knowing for certain and the tefillin were purchased from what is a reputable establishment in NY. Should i be concerned or just rely on the chazoka of the tefillin, and leave it?


  1. if you think that the vehaya is older notify the client, he at least should ask his rav. if you are quite sure that the vehaya is older, i would tell him to change it.
    thanks for the zadi I never saw such a thing. I dont believe the whole sefer had these zadim!
    What are you going to do with the sefer?

  2. I once was checking a cheap mezuza and there was a very thick scrape mark in between the two roshei ע. So I had a chashash of Chok Tochos. I asked the person if it was ever checked before and they told me some dayan had checked it a couple of years ago. So I called him up to ask him if he could see it (perhaps he used a very big knife or he did not notice this thick scratch mark) etc.. He told me he does not need to see it and it is forbidden for me to assume that any sofer did anything to it.
    I latter showed the mezuza to my Rav and he told me not to use it on a combination of problems together with this chasash scratch.
    My question is, is there any makor to what this Rabbi said that there it is forbidden to assume...
    Thank you

  3. I think we operate on the assumption that sofrim are becheskas kashrus, unless proven otherwise.

    Once they have been proven otherwise, it becomes a shailos rov.

    I never make an issue of funny mechikos or the like that I see in ppl's tefillin and mezuzos, because, at the end of the day, it is not my achrayus and when I am being paid to check someone's stam they are not paying me to be a forensic detective.

    re the sefer, its possul anyway for other reasons such as age

  4. Reb Moshe,

    With regard to your suggestion about telling the customer:

    Firstly, only my first impression was that it was older. looking at it closely i can't tell for sure.

    The owner of the tefillin is a mekurav at a chabad house. So it could be that I should just mention it to the rabbi and go with what he says? If it was a heimishe guy I would talk to him, but sometimes these mekurovim get confused....

    Do you think it's enough that I talk with the rabbi? he is a ben torah and a decent guy

  5. Eli,
    If it is only a chashash, and you said that the tfilin where put together by reliable people - so we must leave it as chezkas kashrus.

  6. did you ask the guy if the tfilin where ever checked - sometimes things like this (mixing up different parshos may occur in the bedika)where/who did the bdika?
    I guess you'll say its a mekurav that doesnt know anything.
    Maybe his rav can help him clarify the situation?

  7. Eli, I am very interested in this sefer!
    Do you have any knowledge to as where it came from? when?
    Where there other queer things in the sefer?
    If the sofer wrote all his zadim so - something is strange here!

  8. I clarified the tefillin. He remebers about 15 years ago a sofer checked them and changed a parsha. so it seems like everything us legit. he claims the sofer wrote him a new one at the time.

    Re the sefer, its very old and possul. i have no idea of its history. It seems to be mostly sefardi ksav.

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  11. i don't have access to it anymore. i was in st. ives, a suburb un orthern sydney. i am now back in melbourne, 1000 miles away


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