3 shailos fro reb moshe:

1) The lamed going into the reish. do i need to show a tinuk and can i show him from this picture as I no longer have the original. I think the picture is extremely accurate.

2) I have a cheap mezuzah where sometimes the sofer does not make the mem properly , its flat on the top so I add ink (you can see the rapidograph ink here ontop of the normal ink). If I made this tikkun and accidently forgot to say "leshaim", is it kosher? It wasnt a nifsak, but on the other hand it's an integral part of the ois.

3) I received this shayla by email.  does this room require a mezuzah only on the main archway, or also on the two sides?


  1. in regard to the first question - you should cover the second line with a paper etc. covering up to the foot of the reish and ask a tinok, if he reads it a hai - its pasul, a reish - you may fix, by scraping either from the foot of the reish, or the head of the lamed.
    the third question - the side area are patur from mezuza.

  2. the question on the word mezuzos, if the mem was kosher before, so this fix isn't essential then the addition of dio shlo l'shma doesn't cause a pasul.
    but its hard in this specific picture to decide if the mem was indeed kosher - i guess you may cover the addition of your new ink and ask a tinok if he recognizes it as a mem.

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  4. Regarding the first question that we cover the foot of the reish and ask a tinok. Interestingly the following letter is a ה. If the Tinok sees the following letter (ה) it might help him to call the Reish, a Reish and not a Hai (by comparing the two letters). I still think that we do not need to cover the ה, even though that it could possibly be a big kula.What do you say R' Moshe?

  5. Dovid, correct we don't have to hide the hai from the tinok.


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