Bet like a lamed and vav-zain like a chet

This first bet could be related to Mikdash Meat's doubt " Ee (=if) tinok moil"; is it kosher?

Vav and zain are quite close one to the other; are they still kosher?


  1. First Bet the tag is tall enough and a little thick however it is not at the exact far left corner, Possibly it would be a havchanos tinok. Just my speculation not a psak.

    Second picture: Although the picture is not so clear it still seems that they are not at all touching(possibly even to a tinok).The Shavet Halevy is machshir even when they are extremely close (as long as they are recognizable to an adult that they are not touching). Some are stricter on this issue and require a Havchanos tinok.

  2. Yosef chodesh tov,
    In regard to the beis I agree it is a shaylas tinok.
    In regard to the ches (it is not totaly clear, but maybe that is the correct picture) to my opinion it is pasul, because it has become a ches. But, as Dovid wrote the Sheivet Halevi and other Rabbis say as long as it is not touching, there is no question involved and it is kosher.
    I wrote about this issue in length on posts earlier this month: "the word Bechor that the vav and caf are very close"


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