A few shaylos on Tzuras HaOisiois

A few questions
1)I think the י of Bneichem is Kosher however it needs a kotz Drebeinu Tam?correct?

2) The י of Vinasati is without a body, is this allowed to be fixed or not (moiel shalios tinok)?

3) The נ of Nafshechem is a little wide, fixable or not?

4)In this picture the rosh of the נ is pretty wide, is this a Shinui Tzura? it surpasses the moshav on both ends.
(The Mikdash Maat speaks of when the moshav is shorter than the rosh it looks like an upside down Nun).


  1. Dovid thanks for excellent shaylos!
    1) I agree
    2) I would pasel that yud, its mamash a vav!
    Its up to your understanding the whole csav in general, and the situation - if you feel terribly in need, maybe you can rely on a ST and fix. Again - I would pasel, and thats it.
    3) is pasul as it is, but after ST you may fix it by widening the tzavar and moshav of the nun a bit to the right.
    4) pasul, there is no way to fix it.

    Good Shabos!

  2. 1) note that this yud you mentioned, as well as the yud of vimey, don't really have an upper kotz RT either. They go upwards but slants down to the right instead of a straight kotz so to me it's really a misshapen rosh. I would fix it. (this could be different when blowing up the picture or in real life - this is just how the picture on the post looks to me)

    2) Depending on how the other yudim look (none in this pic) I would consider asking ST. The yud is much shorter than the surrounding vavim. but I don't think it's without a body, just missing a kotz RT. Also I would extend the dalet of ulavdo above it - to me that is an excessive spacing (compare that space to the space between hishamru and lachem).

    Question for R Moshe: In pic 3 the nun of elochenu has a very obtuse slanting and angle going from the tzavar into the moshav. If it was a bit greater of an angle would you pasel it on the basis of no distinction between moshav and tzavar (ie basically a short nun peshuta or a zayin)?

  3. Ari
    The nun of Elokeinu, is quite problematic as I posted in regard to the moshav of the nun yesterday (BTW thanks for corecting me there!) it definitly should be fixed.
    If the moshav would be a bit less because the angle it would be pasul, and coudn't be fixed, because it would be a zayin or a nun minus moshav - as you wrote.

  4. 3 & 4 should be fixable. Why cant you fix #4 by adding ink first to the left side of the tzavar and then extending the moshav (if you extend the moshve first you may make a chaf)?

  5. technically I dont understand how this nun can be fixed without scraping the head - which is Chok Tochos.
    adding to much to the tzavar, is also getting messed up with the panim chadashos issue.


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