Heiim with wide left regel

Are those yellowed-signed heiim - and therefore the whole mezuzah - kosher?
As far as I could understand, Mikdash Meat and Otiot Harav consider posul due to shinui tsurah when the left regel of a hei is wide as a moshav, instead of being a iud-like point.
It should also be thinner than the area of blank klaf (haparuts merube). In some hexagonned-signalled above, the paruts could be most of the area, but still the left regel seems to be a moshav. And what should then be the border between a moshav and a point, 1k(one ovi-kulmus)?


  1. Yossef,
    See the post above dated Tuesday, November 8, "2 Sheilot" that this shayla is brought, and my comment there.

    My personal opinion (as you quoted) is that a hai that has a moshav instead of a regel, is pasul.
    The boundary between a regel and moshav in a regular Hai (3k wide) is, if the left foot closes the majority of the chalal of the hai, it is pasul, as this is a moshav rather than a regel. [the challal is measured from the left end of the gag till the right foot only]
    In a wider hai, if the regel is more than 1.5k to my opinion it has passed from a regel to a moshav [the size of a nun and samech's moshav may be that size] and pasul.

    Since this is not an accepted opinion, I don't want to pasel pashute tfilin/mzuzos because of my chumra. Therefore I keep quite.

    Yossef - you do according to your understanding
    אין לדיין אלא שעתו ומקומו, ואין לדיין אלא מה שעיניו רואות
    thanks for bringing up the subject.

  2. Since in many hai the right foot is slanted, the bottom is wider than the chalal under the gag alone, if it looks to the eye that the bottom part of the hai is closed more than open, as you wrote פרוץ מרובה כשר, עומד [סתום] מרובה פסול

  3. Rav vosner is machshir in sshevet halevi (don't have it in front of me so I can't give the MM) even when the left regel goes all the way across most of the chalal and is extremely close to the right regel.

    This is how we pasken in velt.

    The sefer kesivah tamah however classifies this as being bedieved (because the mikdash me'at is doubtful) however if you scratch it down he says its mehudar.


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