In these pictures again we see where the head only has a left blita going out from it instead of a normal rosh. Commonly found in Cheaper Ksav Meyuchus. I already sent similar pictures of this on vuv and yud (which I had a chasash of kav mashuch).
R' Moshe this is something I could tell the client that these nuns were bidieved and through fixing are now lechatchila? And if I understood correctly they are still fixable since in csav chabad the face of the letter is circled inward with a tendency of the lower shpitz slightly extending further left [a tiny bit] more then the top of the rosh (panim). Therefore the panim of the letter are not equal or straight, as required by AB,BY.?

Thank you


  1. The nun of אנכי has a rosh - just to make it better fill in a bit.
    But the nun of בבניך is lacking the blita to the left - still it can be fixed. Yes, because the extending kotz gives it somewhat a resemblence of a rosh. It is lacking a drop of ink at the lower connection between this kotz and the neck of the nun.
    (true, this circular opening gives a face to the letter, but in the nun of בבניך it is not connected to the rosh on the bottom - so it isnt exactly like the vav we spoke about)

  2. Therefore only the nun of bivanecha was bidieved?

  3. after fixing the nun it is l'chatchila


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