I was asked today on a kuf [the pic. is an illustration only. In the kuf in question the roshem of the dyo was better] in tefilin, that the ink at the left side of the gag fell apart, leaving the regel apparently outside of the letter.
The Mikdash M'at writes that if the regel of the kuf (as of the hai) are hanginig outside of the challal of the ois, left of the gag, or under the moshav, it is pasul. So this kuf is pasul.

I think that since a tinok would recognize this letter [and there is some remnant (roshem hadyo) of the ink] it is permitted to fix.

I am giving a better drawing, closer to the kuf that I saw.


  1. I dont get it. If roshem is not considered ink and the regel is under the roshem, it should be possul as the regel is outside the os. why make a shailos tinok?

  2. I was reluctant immediately to matir fixing, because this a new shayla I never came accross. So I thought, given that a tinok would definitly recognize the kuf (the kuf in reality looked better than the one I gave here) that should be sufficient to fix, although the regel would be outside the challal haois. But still maybe this would be a shinuy tzuras haois, that cannot be fixed, therefore I added - given that the left edge of the gag still intact and some dyo in the middle, this is actualy a nifsak that should be permitted to fix.

    After second thinking, I trully think that each reason alone is sufficiant to permit fixing.

    I will fix the picture a bit and reedit.

  3. the last sentence is a mistake - I am leaving the original picture, but I will add another picture of kuf closer to what actualy was.

  4. I heard from a Rav that concerning roshem we can be lenient (on issues like Shelo Kisidran) to rely on Shut Mayim Chayim Responsa 1 from Rav Chayim HaCohen Rapaport. In the end of the responsa he writes" if the dio had peeled off and there only remained mamoshush of dio even though it is similar to white or edom it is permissible to pass over it with a kolmos.

    I do not know if this is fitting with Shitas S A HaRav, but many rely on this Teshuva.

  5. I must note that the Mayim Chayim is only talking about old parshiyos and mezuzahs.


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