Left foot of gimel

In this gimel the left foot is totally connected to the guf.

Question: Does the law of yud of the alef shin ayin etc. that are touching the body of the ois, straight without a connecting oketz (SA 32:18), apply in gimel?


Note MS ois gimel  אם נדבק הירך בהרגל יגרור הירך ודי בכך

(if the left foot is stuck to the right foot ..) – this can mean pic.1 because it is [like a] nun, or also pic. 2?

pic. 1  pic. 2

Biur Hasofer p. 44 (ד"ה וירך) quotes Mikdash M'at that says this is [pic. 2] pasul, and Biur Hasofer argues. I personaly think the MM's opinion is solid and correct (see oisiyos harav p. 89, par. יב).


It is accepted here in Eretz Yisrael that there is a sfardi gimel that is written m'lachatchila as pic.2, it is locali called "gimel Bagdadi" (the gimel that Iraqi/Bagdad sofrim were custom to write), this is noted in Biur Hasofer ibid. in the name of Da'as Kdoshim – that this gimel is csav velish. [Old csav velish, but today all sofrim sfardim don’t write the gimel so, rather like an ashkenazic gimel the left foot separated from the guf. Even sofrim from the iraqi community today don't write a gimel as prescribed "gimel Bagdadi"].



1)  can there be a change hallachicaly, that a gimel once accepted as kosher [even l'chatchila] is now pasul bdieved?

2)  If the gimel was kosher for velish/bagdad does that make it automaticaly kosher [bdieved] for ashknazim (then, or even now)?


Bezras Hashem to be continued next week.


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