more about short vavs and illusions

RABOSAI! WHAT IS THIS LETTER?WHEN I BLEW UP THE LETTER AND CUT THE SURROUNDING ITS CLEARLY A YUD,however if you look at the mezuza you might think its a shalas tinok


  1. Many of the vavim are quite short - although I think that one you singled out may be the worst!

    I think it relates to R' Moshe's earlier posts on length of vav when comparing to yud etc. In terms of blowing up pictures, I understand the halacha to be that tzurat ha'ot (and all specification critetria in sta"m for that matter) is determined by normal unaided eyesight in normal light conditions.

    In this mezuza almost all the regels of the yudim are well shorter than 1 kulmus (some maybe close to 1), and this vav have a regel at least of 1.5 kulmusim. Since when looking at the normal size version the vav clearly looks different from the yudim I would think it's a sheilat tinok at most.

    (by the way, me posting comments to these sort of things are in no way indicative of me trying to make a psak - it's just to see if a) my thoughts are correct and b) compare my understanding with those of R' Eli and R' Moshe that can make the psak)


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