More long vuvim

Sheilas for R" Moshe
In the chuf, it has a kav going down from it. I assume it is allowed to erase it since lo nishtanu ikur tzuroso, correct?

I have another sheila (not able to take a picture of it, because it does not show well) where a tiny kav is going from one part of the inner half of the tav untill the next part. The ink is extremely faint (done probably by a mistaken swift of a rapidiograph), not so noticeable. I would assume it is allowed to erase but I did not see this is mefurash in sfarim?

These are similar vuv's which I showed yesterday although here the roshim are even bigger, (this is from the same sofer, he had a tendency of writting long rashei vuvim) the tinok correctly called this and the following picture by vuv. I am able to rely on it or is this or the next one too similar to a reish?


  1. Dovid, you are correct in regard erasing the lines mentiones, they are not a shinuy tzura.
    Both vavs [ונתתי, והיו] look to my sight mamash a reish, I enlarged and I think the vav of והיו will pass as a ST, but the ונתתי is definitly a reish. I would pasel the ונתתי


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