More Nun's with wider heads than the moshav

Sheila to R' Moshe,
These are 2 more examples of wide Roshei Nunim. I believe the first picture is kosher, while the second one is a less clear to me (although smaller of a rosh than in the previous post of mine which was posul), what do you think?

I think it is important to stress that just like the nun in the previous post "A few shaylos on Tzuros Haosios" that was Posul shelo kisidran. And the second picture in this one (which is in question to me) is clear that the extra wider head was done afterwards by rapidiograph (seemingly to make it big enough to amply place the tagim), it is a big problem which should be of special attention to magihim and sofrim.


  1. These nunim are kosher.
    It is very important to stress the fact, that the head of the nun - should not be nimshach - this is written clearly in the poskim, as early as Baruch Sh'amar. And sometimes may cause a psul, in any case is not the correct way of writing l'chatchila.


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