Retzua shiur Kisora

I was asked today on a Retzua which was very thin as it entered the knot (due to curling). Without re widening it to its natural size it is under 9 mm (the minimum size which is kosher according to R Chaim Noah). I believe R Chaim Noah is machmir even bedieved on pochus msiora for a knot (some poskim are meikel on the yud of the knot). Is there any aitza for this or it should be cut out?

Also bedieved one who davened with such a retzua do they need to put on Tefillin again?


  1. Rabbi Avraham Chaim Na'e (in his Ketzos Hashulchan) quotes MB 27:42.
    I dont know what the MB's opinion bdieved is.
    Note SA 27:11 and SA Harav 27:21 that bdieved the shiyur isnt me'akev, and a person that doesn't have another tfilin, may wear tfilin that don't have the shiyur in width, so it would seem (in your question) that he is not obligated to put on tefilin again, although it is definitly worthy to do so.


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