Shailos on Tzuros Haosis

In the first picture the Yud is it kosher?

The second picture the א and the ו from the word "laois". Does the aleph have a kosher foot? The vuv is it still moil tinok or too long?
The Nun of Anochi is the head technically fixable?

Here the Nun of the word Vinasati looks like a proper chuf with tagim on top of it. What do you say?


  1. mezuza 1: yud is kosher, scrape the addition.
    mezuza 2: the mezuza is very problematic, I suggest to goinez it.
    In regard to the questions: לאות the alef is definitly a kav mashuch that is pasul (although some permit to fix) the vav I am in doubt is it definitly pasul as a caf pshuta or a shaylas tinok.
    אנכי the alef to my opinion is pasul, the nekuda hatachtona has totaly changed to a lengthly line - a second kav-gag, this is a shinuy tzura (I am sure that others will say it is a shaylas tinok).
    the nun I showed it to my daghter on the screen (covering the rest of the word) she sayed it is a beis in csav rashi!!
    I guess if you would ask a tinok that would read it as nun, you could scrape away from the gag on both sides, and lengthen the alef a bit, and try to widen the caf.
    the third mezuza: I think the nun is pasul, it is mamash a kosher caf.
    BTW the mem of elohim (acherim) is mamash a kosher samech!!

  2. Thank you those were some tough ones,

    by the way, someone asked me today, concerning the directive of the Baal Shem Tov (recorded in Daa's Kedoshim (Yoreh Deah 289:1))to place a mezuza in a case that is not barzel...
    is it also a problem if only part of the mezuza has silver plating on it, or even just the shin of Sha-kai. The lashon only states "tik sheaino barzel".

  3. In the Daas Kedoshim quoted, he clearly writes that silver and gold are not included, only barzel.

  4. True, I was reluctant to mention that, being that I understand Chabad try not to use any types of metals (As mentioned in Nesivim Bsadeh Hashlichus p. 94 (from Rabbi Levy Y. Raskin). Accordingly I would conclude that silver is fine to most opinions as is clear from Daas Kedoshim.

    However Chabad, it would be better not to have any form of metalic ornament like on the mezuza even a silver Shin. On that part I wanted to verify (or is the hakpada is only if the entire tik is of silver etc... and not only a small part of it?

  5. אנכי the alef to my opinion is kosher, the nekuda hatachtona has changed to a lengthly line -but still kosher

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  7. My experience: Chassidim in general are OK with silver but metal is a problem. Chabad is not OK with silver (That was the Rebbe's view, at least according to R' Leible Groner).

  8. Question:When dealing with a mezuza like pic #3,
    is one required to add ink to the TES of LITOTOFOS( the second one) in order for it to have MOSHAV as opposed to a REGEL.

  9. Yitzhok,
    good question! maybe I will write something about the issue.
    In this letotafos there is a clear moshav, although slanted somewhat.

  10. RE #1 It seems to me that if you look at the yud diagonally that it is almost a kosher beis zeira.

    If you were going to fix it it would seem to me that you would have to do so by means of adding ink to round it out. Then if it is too big you could scrape off the extra, since Shelo Kesidran is derabanan and chok tochos is deoraisa. (Similar to the psak of the Tzemach Tzedek regarding a square chaf sofis)


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