short vav

This megila was offered to me by a sofer. I did not purchase it because of the short vavim, i could purchse 3 of these for a very profitable price.
I am wondering what the sochrim feel about selling such a megila, obviously there are many shalas tinoks on these vavs.
May such a megila be sold for a discounted price.
If a tinok read 4 out of 5 correctly would it be wrong to sell as is?


  1. Sometimes on megillos it pays to buy a little cheaper and do some tikunim yourself. Adding length to the vov with a rapidograph is not that time conuming. I suppose it depends how much cheaper you will buy it for...

    Obviously with tefillin and mezuzos it would not be worth it

    P.S. I'd be happy to buy it and repair it myself if its a good price

  2. I've been told when asking this Sheila before that asking a tinok a couple of the worst vavim is enough to machshir the Megilla bediavad. In the case of this one there's such a big difference between the yudim and vavim I think any tinok would read them correctly.

    Normally I'd leave it with the shailat tinok, but in the case of this Megilla since the rest of the writing is quite good I would fix the bad ones rather than sell the whole thing at a bediavad price...


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