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Has anyone heard of a nun hafucha in the word choron in the end of noach. I know rashi discusses it but is it done in sifrei torah?

Is there a sefer or a list of the special large letters and dots etc that we are nohag today to do in a sefer torah?

Ari, you mentioned last time you had a sefer that brings down these things. what is the name of the sefer? do you happen to have such a list or could you post it on the forum?



  1. My sefer only mentions all the big and small letters in torah, not the backwards nunim.

    I know that in the tikkun of R' Menachem Davidovitch he writes that the nun hafuncha is written only by having the regel descend from the rosh a little left of centre - but by no means completely from the left.

    I haven't found a mekor on this nu hafucha but R' Shtern mentions that a nun kefufa that has a rosh connected to the tzavar at the left side only is pasul if it's blatantly obvious it's backwards but if it looks sort of like a normal rosh it can be fixed (ע"פ החלטת מורה מומחה) even if upon carful examination you can see it really has no blita on the left side.

    Perhaps this extends to nun peshuta....

  2. Hi,
    I'm new to this blog, I'm A Sofer from Brooklyn, N.Y. I'll try to do my best with contributing to this great bolg.
    As to the above question, the Bais Yosef in Siman 275 brings from the Rashb"a that L'chatchila you should write a NUN hafucha in the word choron, however if you didn't write it it is Kosher.
    As to your question if anyone writes that nowadays, the answer would be NO. However in previous generations not so long ago there were soferim that wrote that NUN hafucha.
    Here you have a link to the sefer Mishnas Avraham were discusses this, look at סימן כ"ד סעיף ט"ז וי"ז
    Here is the link:

    P.S. I think you will have to copy and paste the link

  3. See the Sefer Kisrei Osios from Rabbi Ezra Gamliel Tukaczinsky.(http://www.bloomenstiels.com/product_p/3144.htm)

    It is a wonderful reference sefer. He brings down explanations for every large and small letter Tanakh as well as lists of altered lettersm etc. Is not always clear as to what is noheg bizman hazeh, however.


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