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Sheila for R" Moshe
In the chuf of Bichol it has a semi square moshav, what do you say?
In the second picture (of the same mezuza) you can also see a chuf with a flat line on the moshav does this make it considered squared on the bottom?

In the Yud of Eineichem the Kotz DRebeinu Tam is thick. Although I believe it can be fixed (since ikur tzuroso aleiha) what would be the best way to do so?


  1. the cafim are kosher, anything less than a 90 degree angle, is accepted for the caf - and isnt considered squared at the bottom (and as long as there is no akev protruding).
    the yud is kosher, you can scrape away the unneeded part of the kotz.

  2. If the kaf of bechol was straight 90 degrees - would you say since it's very noticeably different from the beitim of the ktav that all have big akevim and since it's right next to a beit, sheilat tinok?

  3. we're getting into trouble, if the caf is mamash square at the bottom many pasel - regardless of the beis that is square above and with an akev


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