vuv with a non clear rosh

Take a look at the 2 vuvs in the picture, are they kosher ? if not can they be fixed?


  1. To me it looks like the rosh is each vav is slanted, but there is a point that I can distinguish a rosh and regel - even though it's not a 90 degree angle, it looks like maybe 120 degrees, but still an angle.

    The slants of the rosh look like a lot and it looks like the regel is half the length of the total height of the vav, even though the total height is 3 kulmusim (ie rosh = 1, slant of the rosh = 0.5 and regel = 1.5).

    There's one yud present in this picture which has a regel of 1 kulmus - to me it looks clearly distinct from the vavim.

  2. the vavim are kosher and you may fix them.


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