dalet or reish??

Are these dalet or reish???
Also the beis of v'avadtem??

I cut out these words from the mezuza psula that I posted last week.


  1. I don't see any problem with these...
    the daled has a zavit and the beit is also made according to Sefardic custom. If you say these are pasul or questionable, then aren't ALL Sefardi Mezuzos/Tefillin questionable?

  2. I printed this out and showed it to R' Shammai Gross this morning. He said all the daleds are kosher as well as the beis. He said the 2 mems (not pointed out here explicitly) should be asked to a tinnuk.

    Another important point was that he said to me "this is an old casav and usually I try my best to be machshir and old casav, not to pasul it."


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