Is this giddim?

In this Sefer Torah, the tefiros of this yeriah have a frayed string attachment. I do not think that it is giddim, does anyone know?

It could be that only next to the knots did they tie this frayed string attachment (but I would not know what is accomplished with that)?

In any case, according the Mishnas Hasofer in Siman 27 he brings that beshas Hadchak one can allow stitching with linen or silk (etc..) this is only until one can get kosher giddim afterwards.
Would that be the case here? (Since I do not recognize what material this is exactly, and if it is only around the knots).


  1. It looks as it is not a gid, but some fabric or plastic string - it should be replaced with kosher gidim.
    Maybe the sefer is from russia, in russia they considered themselves b'shaas hadchak and were custom to bind the yriyos of old sefarim with a string, when gidim where not available.

  2. Also a word in the fifth aliyah "simlosechem" was misspelled to שלמתיכם. Is there any obligation to have a full check or computer check of the Torah if there is a certain number of spelling mistakes? Do the poskim give a certain number of mistakes which would obligate the checking?

  3. If 3 mistakes are found, a hagaha of the complete sefer is demanded.


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