Is this pay lechatchillah?

I received this as a sample of a sofer who can write a medium quality Afrizal script sefer torah.

I noticed the pay in the word beginning on the 10th bottom lineis a little funny.

I was wondering, s this pay kosher lechatchillah?


  1. I don't know why the scan came out blurry but if you click on the image it will come out nicer, you will see the pay is stretched.

  2. That is really weird...why wouldn't he elongate the lamed instead?!
    my guess is he wrote it starting at the end of the line and wrote "backwards" and got into a bit of a problem...but he still should have had the foresight to elongate the lamed I think.

    Does the Sofer have semicha? does he know you aren't really supposed to elongate such letters? kesset says clearly what you can and cannot (reish, daled etc).

  3. Eli is right the sofer probably writes the lines from left to right as you see many narrow letters in beginning of line- there is no halachik problem with this -if you are looking for a high quality sefer - double check how often this happens


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