Ksivas Shem Hashem according to Ksav Arizal

In the post "Mezuza Pesula" we saw a ksav velish mezuza posted from Rav Weiner where he pointed the problem of a not proper "psiah lebar" on almost all of the ה of Shem Hashem. (There were many other problems some possibly even shinui tzura but that was on a side note).

Concering Shem Hashem, the zohar is very strict about writing it with special kevanahs (not just "leshem kedushas Hashem") in addition to this it needs to be written in Hei(5) chalukos (Zohar Vayikra daf 11,b). Poskim including the Imrei Shefer and the Kol Yakov (yoreh deah 276:6) take the chumra of writting all of Sta"m with Shem Hashem to be written with the 5 parts, however it is not meakev (to say the least) for the special kevonas since many cannot do this properly.
The Keset Hasofer, (who did not include the chumra of the zohar in his chibur)in his Lishkas Hasofer (Chakirah י) (in the paragraph starting with asher)explains that since it is implied that the zohar does not just hold that the 5 parts of Shem Hashem are enough rather one also needs to write it with the special kevanos, therefore since it is too lofty for average sofrim he held not to write this chumra of the zohar all together in his chibur. He quotes the famous Magen Avraham 25:20 which paskens that when the Balei Mekubalim write something not mentioned in the Talmud and poskim, we do not force the community to adopt such a chumra, ( it is implied from the Shulchan Aruch HaRav ibid:28 that it is proper to be machmir like the Mekubalim as long it is not in argument with the poskim). {It is interesting to note that the shaar HaKolel 1:1 brings that the A. Rebbe later in his life, very much went (Lemasah- however not in every case) after the chumros of the Balei mekubalim even when they argued with the poskim}.
The Keset concludes that to his opinion we should not even teach this chumra since for some sofrim it could possibly be a problem. This is all summed up in my own words, please read the sources on your own in their fullness.
In the Sefer Yalkut Hastam p. 411 it brings that Rav Shemaya Grosss paskend that one who writes Ksav Beis Yosef does not need to make the 5 chalukos of Shem Hashem, however one who writes Ksav Arizal does need to make the chalukos, however it is praiseworthy for even ksav beis yosef to write with 5 chalukos.

Therefore I would like to see what you say about cheap style Arizal mezuzahs, are those Sofrim writing Shem Hashem in 5 Chalukos (let alone with the special kevonas)?

This is another halachik issue with cheap Ariza"l Mezuzas. I have not seen or heard what the contemporary Sefardi Poskim say concerning Ksav Velish (with 5 chalakim in writing Shem Hashem) but I think they should follow the Kol Yakov lechatchila, however it still seems less of an issue than ksav Arizal, since it is not a pure Kabilistic ksav.


  1. It is not clear what you mean cheap style Arizal mezuzahs.As I posted many times any mezuza that is not mehudar you should stay away from any chumros that can make a problem.in the cheap style Arizal mezuzahs the sofer probably did not follow the shulchan haravs explanation in כשבא לנמנם לא יכתוב(perhaps reb moishe weiner can write a post on the subject)
    and surely did not follow the chumras harashb on nichtav bepsul.Why ask for extras when you are really giving a basic kosher mezuza especially when it can make major problems IE the mezuzos we saw looking like a tav.often "cheap style Arizal mezuzahs" that do shaimos mechulakos have heh that looks like ches or kuf

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  3. My point is clear, Arizal is suposed to be avchumrah style writing which follows the Balei Mekubalim. If one is anyways buying a Arizal Mezuza it would need to be according to Balei Mekubalim, one clear issue is writing Shem Hashem in 5 parts. If it is just to be sold cheaply without doing this step, why in the first place purchase Ari? instead buy a different Ksav where 5 Chelakim is less of an issue.
    I will post a picture or a cheap Ari where I doubt there were 5 parts in writing Shem Hashem.

  4. It is not correct to call a mezuza where Shem Hashem is not written in 5 parts a Ksav Arizal.These Mezuzahs are called as Ksav pashut mezuzahs etc...
    However those that follow Arizal will still use these simple Mezuzahs (when they cannot afford the proper mehudar ones) since the Arizal was makpid on having a tzadik with the head hafuch (like in ksav vellish). The Arizal writes on this in his Lekutei Torah. Thanks to Rav Weiner for his help.


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