"Mr Metayeg"

Since we recently had a lot of talk about "Mr Metayeg", here is a "metayeg" who put Christian crosses on the first line and shem Hashem's. This was recently found in Israel.


  1. Elad,
    this is not Mt Mitayeg's work, but some Jew for x-man [Hashem yerachem] added on a mezuza.

  2. What should be done with such a mezuzah l'maseh? Put in Geniza or something else?

  3. Definitly in gniza, it is very quite obvious that the mezuza was written by one person [possibly a kosher sofer], and the crosses added by some meshigener.

  4. The truth is I think before putting it in geniza, it is a mitzva to erase the crosses, because the disgrace to cisvei hakodesh. This is on the probable assumption that the mezuza wasn't written by a min. Had the mezuza been written by a min, it should be burnt, the csav and ....


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