Posting Shailos

I have started to take any shailo posted here on the blog to ask R' Shammai Gross Shlit"a. We are all here to share and learn and I figured this is a good way of learning more. I'm a talmid of his and speak to him on a daily basis so to print out 2 or 3 shailos to bring on a daily/weekly basis is not so much (hopefully the ink on my printer won't go so fast!)

I will perhaps in due time go through older posts as well to find more shailos (might take a while.) Any of those shailos I will re-post with some sort of note and the psak. In the meantime anything that stays up on the first page here I will try my best to print out and bring in and post in the comments with the psak before it moves off into the archives.

With this in mind when taking pictures, scanning, editing photos, etc make it the best as possible especially so I can print it out here on my home ink-jet printer

Yasher Koach to everyone here and a Freilechen Channukah.


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