Why is there no hechsher on stam?

Following Bais Hastam's post, why can't there be a hechsher on stam ie people get accustomed to buying only with hechsher, just like food, that will remove the negative elements and fraudsters

As far as I know at the moment tghere is only landau and that is not very big


  1. Nachman,the sad truth is that as soon as you start mass producing stam, it is hard to guarantee that everything is 100%

    I personally check all mezuzos and parshiyos I sell. and I send a lot of stuff back, even if it is still kosher. If I started relying on other people I feel I would no longer be abe to quality control properly. Sure, I would sell more but it would only then be a matter of time until I would start to receive complaints and critcisim.

    The rabbanim who give hechsherim know that in all probability the itmes they sell will be scrutinized by another sofer within a few years. when mistakes occur, and they usually do in mass production, they will get a bad rap.

    In food production, no external examinations occur. so if a mistake happens they can cover up or find left field hetairim. No angry consumer will come knocking on their door 3 years later holding a parsha with a negiya, blaming all their life's ills on their incompetence.

  2. yes eli you are correct however when i started selling i asked mishmeres stam why they will not give a hechsher-THE REPLY "SINCE THE KLAF HAS NO HASHGACHA WE CANNOT GIVE A HECHSHER"

  3. But now that most KLAF factories do have a HECHSHER why can't MISHMERES STa"M give a HECHSHER on MEZUZOS, PARSHIYOS ect.

  4. I will refer the question to Rabbi Greenfeld from Vaad Mishmeres STa"M

  5. what would be the ideal hechsher
    would the hechsher be including haga or a hechsher on the klaf sofer-has kabala etc still leaving the haga to the sofer -socher

  6. Maybe both options with different color stickers.


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