I know we have been through this before but I would like rav weiners opinion on these yudin.

please click on pic to enlarge, its not clear here.

I'm talking about the words ki, bonai, vayehi, vehoya and mibeis


  1. As I wrote in one of the earlier posts - the yud must have a distinct guf, and a distinct regel. These yuds are excellent examples of a guf and regel that are one piece, the left kotzim give an illusion as if there was a division - which in truth is lacking.
    I think that these yudim must be fixed by adding ink to their left part, in order to clearly define the guf from the regel.

  2. By the way the right head of the shin of heksha, should br fixed/filled in also.

  3. I thought when a psul is due to shinui tsura, then it is forbidden to fix it, for it not to be written shelo kesidran; whereas in the present case it could be fixed.
    Would those iudim be posul not by shinui tsura because a tinok can recognize the letter, although there's here a chesron ever (that either the regel or the rosh is lacking)?
    Moreover, shinui tsura depends on an extreme
    change from the original definition of the letter or just on the tinok's answer?

  4. Yossef,
    It is true that a complete shinuy tzura in tfilin/mezuzos may not be fixed, because shlo csidran.
    However, there are psulim that since a tinok can recognize the letter, it is permitted to add dyo "csiva mu'etes" to fix their shape. example: yud of the alef nifsak from the guf.
    Many psulim that are questionable/machalokes between poskim, although we may machmir to pasel them, at the same time be meikel to fix since we know that a tinok will read them correctly.

  5. I really think this would be shelo kesidran to fix
    is there a mekor to "csiva mu'etes"
    even a sure kav mashuch beshave we will not fix so why allow fixing this.
    was you kavana kosher bdieved?

  6. I would like to take the oppurtunity to vent my frustration here in this blog.It should be posted all over "if you cannot afford mehudar tefilin do not purchase ksav alter rebbe". I go through this nonsense on a daily basis the satmara need mezuzos bli bchiros, the lubavitchers need alter rebbe and the litvaks need avodas yad , however 120$ for a mezuza is outrageous in their opinion.There are so many am haratzim out there that think tefilin or mezuzos are a commodity -the worst of all are the judaica stores where the an haaretz salesman with a long beard sells the unknowing jew the mezuzos that match his chasidus.I refuse to sell any chumros on a mezuza thats less then mehudar.please chevra lets here your horor stories

  7. The lashon "csiva muetes" is from SA Harav 32:30 (new edition p. 113 second par.)
    In regard to kav mashuch although the common practice is as the psak of MB 32:91 that any fixing is shlo csidran, there are those that are meikal to fix. See what I wrote [one of the first posts] "lamed as a kav mashuch".

  8. Shmuel, I should inform you at this point that chabad is more meikel with kav moshuch that the "velt". this is based on a well know teshuvah of teh tzemach tzedek. Having said that, Chabad have chumros as well based on the AR and TT which must be equally adhered to.

    As a community sofer / magiha that is chabad, but with the many of my customers who are not, I personally am very sensitive to the various chumros and defferences in halacha lemaasah between various backgrounds, including sefardim. I apply different chumros and hetairim to different customers, based on their background. If I have a safek, I speak to their rav or a rav they are comfortable with.

    I once wrote a list of the halacha lemaasa differences between the MB and AR on stam. I think every sofer who has chabasd customers should be familliar with this lsit.


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