zayinim psulim

An old parsha - the zayins encircled, are pasul. [click to enlarge]
Notice also the tavs right foot bent backward, we spoke about this in one of the earlier posts.


  1. Certainly the right zain is shinui tzura but the left zain is not bidieved fixable? explain please.

  2. The second zayin is equaly pasul as the first. Its combination of being a backward nun, and the foot not centered well, totaly lost its tzura for a zayin.
    For better view enlarge.

  3. I beleive Rabbi Weiner is right. Have a look at Mishnat Hasofer nun gimel at the lishkat hasofer. It talks about both a gag that is 3 kulmusim and the backwards nun.

  4. I agree that it looks like a backwards nun which is a machlokes haposkim for itself. The Mharsha"g Responsa 1:8 was not worried about the letter being called a nun hafucha since we judge the letter only how it looks in its proper posture, he goes after shailos tinok in such a case.
    The Mishnas HaSofer Ois Zain Yalkut Hasofer is machriah when it is a small blita going to the right he is machshir with a tinok, as opposed when it is a nun mamash (which has a good moshav (which in this case was my doubt if this is a complete nun mamash with a big moshav).
    I understand that you posuled it out of combination of this together that it is not centered well.
    However the head of the second nun is definately less than 3 kolmosim wide (which would be a shinui tzura for itself).


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