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Lamed - Kav Mashuch

This is a great initiative! To kick it off, here's a shaila I sent a number of years ago.
Answer I received was that since there's a little blita at the top of the Lamed and since it widens at the top it can be considered Safek Kav Mashuch and fixed.

It was of interest to me as it taught me that R' Shtern in Mishnat HaSofer (a big reference source for me) is quite machmir regarding kav mashuch and that taking into account other poskim we can rely on saying that kav mashuch is really fully pasul when it's a straight line like a stick, not a diamond shape with a bend.

May I also suggest that each person who posts add their location and credentials, just makes this correspondence easier!
Kol Tuv,
Ari Posner Qualified Sofer STa"M and Magiha Ba'al Keri'ah Perth, Western Australia

shana tova umtuka

b"hhi elyi think this is a great ideamoshe weiner



My name is Rabbi Eli Gutnick and I am a sofer, magiha and socher STa"M serving the community in Melbourne, Autstralia. I have been active as a sofer for over 12 years and during this time I have amassed hundreds if not even thousands of emails of shailos and discussion between myself other sofrim and rabbonim from around the world. The emails range from scans of shaalos, discussions about Stam in general, and even business assistance such as helping fellow sofrim and sochrim find certain Stam products they may need.

I am sure other sofrim, particularly those working in communities outside of Eretz Yisroel such as myself, often find themselves communicationg with other sofrim and rabbis on a regular basis. In todays age of Globalization and technology, there is no reason why such information should not be more widely spread between all those in the industry, such as fellow sofrim, rabbanim and others with an interest in Stam. As we all know, STa"M can be a difficult…