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hi rabbi eli

i am so excited about this idea, and i really hope it kicks off well, its mamesh a pleasure and so important for me to be able to join this blog.
thank you.

heshy benshimon
ordained sofer and magiah
montreal, canada.

Encouraging signs...

Since launching this forum a little over 24 hours ago, I am pleased to say that there have been almost 300 page views from something like 40 computers from  around the world. I personally sent the link to a few dozen of my contacts whom I felt would be interested, however I'm sure there are many more people who would be interested in a site like this. I encourage you to forward a link to this site to any persons you feel may be interested, the more people involved, the more beneficial it will be for all.

We are very fortunate to have Rabbi Moshe Weiner involved in this forum. Reb Moshe is a tremendous talmid chacham and he has been of invaluable assistance to me over the years in answering many difficult shailos. Feel free to post shailos for him to answer and that way your shailos can be viewed by all. In such a way we can all gain shimush and experience.

if you wish to post and have not received an invite to become a member, please feel free to email me at

lamed as a kav mashuch

hi ari
my name is moshe weiner from jerusalem
i would like to comment on your lamed - the source of kav mashuch is from the beit yosef and shulchan aruch ch.32 regarding the top yud of alef and resembling letters that have yudin (yudei shin, ayin etc.) Rabbi Wozner in his shu"t Sheivet Halevi writes that a diamond shaped yud (something like the lamed you have) is not obvious kav mashuch. He concludes that although there is place to machmir, one that is matir such a alef is acceptable [his lashon is: אין מזניחין אותו] i dont know to translate exact, but it means one cannot disregard such an opinion.
[if anybody can give the correct english for this - thanks]
i understand his psak as fitting what you were told, this is a case of safek mashuch (or maybe R. Wozner indeed thinks that we dont have permision to pasel such a kav mashuch, but didnt want to openly meikal)
second: there is a additional dimension of the law of kav mashuch, since the rishonim (beit yosef above) menti…

Trouble leaving comments?

I tried leaving a comment to Ari's post and for some reason my comment is not being published even though I am logged in. Any ideas anyone?