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Common Problem in Ksav Chabad

"Chess" of "Bechozek":
A few months ago I had a similiar "Chess" and Rabbi Shamai Gross passeled it Because the left "Zayin" is shaped like a "Nun" which makes it a "Tof". Recently, When I was checking this guy's Tefillin I noticed a similiar "Chess" and I brought it to Rabbi Wosner in Montreal (the author of Shu"t Chayei Halevi, nephew of Shevet Halevi) and he said after much thought "S'is gornisht"

Here's a copy of Tefillin which are Meyuchas to R' Reuven Sofer, the source of Ksav Chabad. Notice the "Chess".

common problems in yudim # 2

Shulchan Aruch 32:15: If the left foot of the hai is perforated, even if לא נשאר ממנו אלא כלשהוit is kosher according to Rosh.Rema remarks: but the other poskim require כמלא אות קטנה (a full complete small letter), and Rema concludes that the halacha follows the latter opinion. [note the MB 32:40 remark: this is not a chumra but the hard-line halacha, וצריך להזהיר מאד הסופרים שנכשלין בזה].One might think that SA and Rosh hold that כלשהוmeans any tiny dot visible to eye, is sufficient for this hai to be kosher. This is obviously a mistake, the common sense [and R. Vozner paskens so, Sheivet Halevi vol. 2, Yore Dea Siman 140) that the כלשהוmentioned is a size worthy to be considered the inner foot of a hai, not any tiny dot.This interpretation is very important, we use it l'halacha l'mayse when a tiny drop of ink falls into a Dalet or Reish – although we (ashkenazim) follow the Rema's psak given above [machmir in regard to mloi ois ktana], but to be maikel against the SA and…