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Looking for Ashkenazi sofer stam in israel to write sefer torah

Hi and thank you for this wonderful blog my name is rabbi david barzev, I am a rabbi, sofer and shochet from queens NY. I am affiliated with the sephardic community here and I only write and deal with sephardic tradition. I am not that well connected in the Ashkenazic safrut business. I have a client who is Ashkenaz and is looking to commission a sefer torah but he wants it in the ashkenaz script. he also wants it written by a daati leumi sofer not a haredi since he is not haredi but daati leumi. does anyone here have a connection with a daati leumi sofer with a nice ketav? budget is up to $45,000 but if it is less it would be appreciated. Thanks and moadim lesimcha

common problems in yudim # 3

The Gmara Shabos 103 teaches: U'chsavtom [csiva tama] sh'lo yaase … vavin yudin yudin vavin, zayinin nunin nunin zayinin … [rashi: nunin - nun pshuta] According to the argument developed/explained above, what is the meaning of these details "sh'lo yaase vavin yudin .. zayinin nunin"? According to the SA's shita explained, it is simple – in each pair one letter is short and the other longer, if the longer one was short it is pasul, and so the opposite. If the vav was short resembling a yud it is pasul, if the nun pshuta was short resembling a zayin it is pasul, if it is only a bit short and we have a doubt it’s a shaylas tinok. This is simple in the wording of the mechaber Shulchan Aruch 32:16. (and also should be the simple conclusion of BY ch.36 and all the acharonim that record his alpha beta-tzuras haosiyos , as Shulhan Aruch Harav and Mishnat Sofrim, in the letters mentioned) But Rema changes the explanation of SA 32:16, in adding הפשוטות כגון וי