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Hagah during Chol Hamoed?

B"H I understand that in general there is an allowance to check a Mezuzah that was already given to check before the chag (and fix even Maseh Uman) if it is needed for the Chag, for this is considered Daver Haaved and Daver Mitzvah (see Shmiras Shabbas Kehilchasa 67:38). I would like to clarify if this can work even if it is a doubt that the recipient will receive their Mezuzahs during the Chag. On the other hand, if they will be checked only after the Chag they will have to wait even longer for them to place up their Mezuza(s). I would appreciate your comments.

another common problem in yudim

Here are examples of another common problem in yudim, found in cheap mzuzos and parshiyos, but it may occur in expensive ones by mistake. The yudim don’t have a clear division between their guf (the rosh) and the regel, actualy turning them into a yud that doesn’t have a regel, which is pasul. In extreme situations where there is definitly no diference between the rosh and regel, it is pasul and impossible to fix because shlo c'sidran , in situations where we can see some slight diference one should ask a rav if it can be fixed. This may occur also in good mezuzos/tefilin – an example Look carefuly at this yud, it is one piece only, plus a kotz rabenu tam, there isn't a distinction between the rosh and regel.

אשדת as 2 words

I've received this question on my website: "My understanding is that the words "aish-das" at the beginning of V'zos HaB'racha are supposed to be written as one word as per the ksiv of the Mesorah. If they are written as two separate words, is the sefer Toah passul?" My instinctive answer, based on hilchot kriat hatorah, is that a new sefer is not required for kriah purposes, but that the error should be corrected as soon as possible. I was not able to find a mekor that brings this shaila specifically. R' Moshe or R' Eli, do you know of any?