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Take a look at the ו of Velo, the top of the head is a almost the same size of the yereich (since the Yereich is pretty thick). The bottom of the head sticks out fine. I know there is an importance of Rosh Keonkios (some opinions suffice with Rosh Mashehu), would that apply to the entire head from top to bottom or just the bottom is enough? Note that the Ksav Chabad is to specifically have a wider bottom of the rosh than the top of the rosh see the second picture. However certainly the top of the rosh should clearly extend past the yeraich.

What ktav is this?

Moadim l'simchah chevreh! (I have edited this post because the pictures did not come out clear the 1st time) can any chabadniks on this forum possibly identify what type of ktav this is? I checked it for a chabad family who bought these mezuzot from a chabad sofer in the USA. Frankly, I was very dissapointed with them. I have seen chabad ktav before but this seems really poor - unlike anything I have ever seen in ktav chabad which is normally very beautiful. every mezuzah had many letters were nifsak, like the upper yud of alef was not connected to the gof. Clearly they had not been checked before sale. Also the klaf was unusual and not good quality. I put 2 of these mezuzot aside because i am not a chabadnik and i was wondering if there is any special leniency from a chabad outlook with regard to 2 of the mezuzot. First (picture 1) there was an extra word (uvechol). Normally I would not bother to scratch it out because it would leave a space of 9 yudin which would b

Queer Mem

      Are these memim kosher bdieved?