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some details in Zadi of Reb Reuvens csav

     Here are examples of Zadi Pshuta I have scanned of Reb Reuven Sofer. 1. In the word (ארץ הכנעני) one can clearly see that R"R writes the right yud first , as a straight yud [as in csav beis yosef] except it doesn’t have a regel. Only, after writing the Nun pshuta he connects the yud to the nun, with a line (which doesn’t look exactly a regel for the yud of Ari-zal) and the connection is a bit inward – not from edge of oketz of the yud, so both yudim are somewhat visible. 2. The upper right kotz of the yud is added after the initial writing of the yud, just as the kotz that connects the yud to the guf of the nun is added later. Sometimes we can see that he pulls the kotz all the way down the right side of the yud (see חמץ), so there will definitly be a kotz on both top and bottom of the yud. Now, this yud has 4 kotzim at its 4 edges, an exception to all his yudim wherever that have only three kotzim. I found a source to this unique feature of this yud in Zohar and A